Visual Artist, educator, and independent curator, born in Santiago, Chile. Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

After earning a BFA and a degree in Art Education, she developed her career in Santiago, showing her work in solo and group exhibitions since 2004. She worked on public education, teaching Visual Arts from Lower to High school, and Latin American Film in higher education. In 2012 and 2014 she co-founded and co-directed Oficina Barroca Gallery and CANCHA_Santiago Residency Program. She participated in several art residencies in Japan, Colombia, and the United States. Following these experiences, in 2016 she moves to the US to pursue an MFA at Rutgers University from where she graduated in 2018.  She was a member at NEW INC, The New Museum Incubator Program, a resident at NARS Foundation, a fellow at The Interdisciplinary Art and Theory Program, NY, 2019, and at Collider Art Residency, at Contemporary Calgary, CA, 2020. She is currently part of the team of Film and Storytelling Kids -online Film Workshops for kids- and a co-founder and director of CABO Residencias, Santiago Chile.